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by Kid Sister

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Sean Colvin: wrote/played/recorded/mixed/cover art

I hope ya like it.


released November 1, 2016

Thanks to Valerie, Brett and Tori for playing violin on Relief
Seth Schilling played guitar on Central Stars and
Sam Zuckowich sang on Ugly and on Central Stars



all rights reserved


Kid Sister Connecticut

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Track Name: Relief
He felt relief in the cuffs of his jeans
she felt the ground on her legs underneath
they climbed the hill side by side in bare feet
skin of peach still stuck in hungry teeth
Track Name: Seawall
You fire the motor
I hop in the sidecar
you look like a baron
you slice up my eyeballs
we go to the seawall
and see the synchronized swimmers
she sells sea shells down by the seashore

laugh thru the sad parts
so baked at the opera
yu put on yr raincoat
we kiss in the coat check closet
yu show me your notebooks
and all yr pretty pictures
don't know where this goes but I'll follow you down
the sensation of always falling

no stars on the walk home, moon couldn't make it
tryina forget you, wearing your necklace.
Track Name: Ugly
I'm only ugly on the inside
but in this mirror I'm so pretty
and in the eyes of everyone and you
I'm a starry secret jewel in a sunken vaulted room
Track Name: Central Stars
he played himself you said to me and it was cold as I took up the hill on central. the starts glared back at me and I felt self-conscious under them, wondering what I was doing in such a lousy state, a grimace on my face, a pocket full of pain. Even if i want to I could never say so, anything I'm feeling when I'm just too afraid of you. Crying in your bedroom, planning my escape soon. I had another dream last night that you were falling backwards over piles of stone-like words yu threw that hit me where it hurts. I'm no good at games so I'll just sit it out and pout about it till my good God provides me with another heart to break. Though the guilt may wax and wane, I am haunted by your face. It's such a nuisance when you feel nostalgic I can't even use it so I'll just forget it. Oh it's so unfaithful, my candy-coated mem'ry, reaching for my cell phone, won't somebody stop me.
Track Name: what the ocean sounds like
w a v e s
Track Name: Tin Erlude
A semester abroad featuring unmatched emotional intensity.
Track Name: High
high, you got high, off your own supply
taste had a taste of yr own medicine
crashed yr car on the road we grew up
lose, you lost your way at a cost
I won't embarrass you, not that you need me to
leaving the hospital, words cannot say what we already know.
high, you got high off yr own supply
taste had a taste of the airbag cloth
crashed your car through the fence to the wall
lost your poor mom, what a waste, what a cost
I won't embarrass you, white at the funeral
hollow and stupid you, I cannot say i'm sorry at all.
Track Name: Rehab
what's up dude
Track Name: Morning
And morning comes when I hit the pavement
pot water coffee my medication
for breakfast only a stick of chewing gum
read my books and shoot my spitballs at the ceiling
And morning comes with a hint of sadness
two googley eyes and a bit of catnip
paid 50 dollars for a hole in my face
I'll go skate downtown and see you when it's meal time

(coming and going, slowly moving forward, standing still)